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Plot Surgery Roundtable: Nancy Rawlinson

  • Paragraph: Workspace for Writers 35 West 14th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

What is plot surgery? What is plot? Or perhaps the better questions are: what is an effective plot and how do I create one?

This roundtable discussion will dig into these questions. We will consider archetypal story structure and think about the ways it can be useful – or not – as a lens through which to view your own work. We will consider the plots of famous works of literature – what makes them effective? What lessons can we extract and apply to our own writing? How can creating outlines be useful – or is it ever detrimental? What should an outline look like?

Nancy Rawlinson is an editor and writing coach. She helps her clients get words on the page and then she helps them revise those words. Often, she pushes them to use outlines, or to reverse engineer an outline from their drafts. Plot surgery is her shorthand for looking at how the events of a story hang together and then moving things around so that the story is more effective and compelling – a process she helps clients with all the time.

Three participants from this event can apply to work with Nancy and receive an hour of one-on-one plot surgery for free. You can find out more about Nancy at her website,

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