The Spaces



Williamsburg Photo Credit: Julia Califano

Paragraph has two locations -- one on 14th Street close to Union Square and the other in Williamsburg close to McCarren Park. They are both loft-like spaces on the top floor with exposed brick walls and natural light through high windows and skylights.

Both spaces are divided into two areas — a writing room and a kitchen/cafe area. The writing room has partitioned desks where writers work in a quiet, focused atmosphere. Workspaces provide privacy, with sight lines blocked from other writers. They also feature couch/lounge areas to take breaks, catch up on reading or take a nap, and lots of books and periodicals and more books. We love books!

The kitchen/cafe is separated from the writing space by sound-proofed walls. The kitchen is the place where writers can be social or have a meal, make coffee or tea. It is  furnished with cafe seating, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and complimentary coffee and tea. There is a high-speed printer with unlimited printing (bring your own paper). Lockers are available to rent.

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Our Story

Founded in 2005, Paragraph is a membership organization dedicated to providing an affordable and tranquil working environment for writers of all genres. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Paragraph was created by writers for writers, with an understanding that writers work best in a quiet, comfortable space away from the hurry and obligation of daily life.

Our Community

More than just a set of desks, Paragraph is a community of novelists, short story writers, journalists, editors, technical writers, memoirists, screenwriters, playwrights, and writers of all other mediums and genres imaginable at various levels of their careers.

This community can often serve as a support network that many writers find missing when they work from the confines of their bedroom or home office.

Our community is leveraged in the form of monthly events: readings, in-house editor sessions, workshops to refine craft, agent roundtables and more. Below is a sampling of past event participants.


Hannah Tinti Amy Hempel AM Holmes Jenny Xie Chad Harbach Leslie Jamison Ben Purkert George Black Sophie Jaff Matthew Thomas Francine Prose Andrew Sean Greer Sergio De La Pava Hermione Hoby Alan Burdick Amy Brill Dale Peck Darcy Frey Alexander Chee Sunil Yapa Lisa Ko Amy Meng Allison Amend Elyssa East Roxanna Robinson Beth Gutcheon Rick Moody Joshua Furst Jennifer Vanderbes Lauren Belfer Rebecca Donner Idra Novey Patrick Ryan Evan Hughes Adele Waldman


Alec Shane (Writers House) Amy Tannenbaum (Jane Rotrosen) Ayesha Pande (Pande Literary) Brianne Johnson (Writers House) Bridget Smith (Dunham Literary) Cameron McClure (Donald Maass) Chris Clemans (Janklow & Nesbit) Claudia Ballard (WME) Daniel Lazar (Writers House) David Dunton (Harvey Klinger) Duvall Osteen (Aragi Inc.) Eddie Schneider (JABBERwocky) Henry Dunow (Dunow, Carlson & Lerner) Emilie Stewart (Emilie Stewart Agency) Emily Forland (Brandt & Hochman) Heather Alexander (Pippin Properties) Joy Tutela (David Black) Julie Barer Katherine Fausset (Curtis Brown) Kathy Schneider (Jane Rotrosen) Noah Ballard (Curtis Brown) Kevin O’Connor (Charlotte Sheedy) Kimberly Brower (Rebecca Friedman) Leah Hamos (Gersh) Lexi Wangler (Massie & McQuilkin) Lindsay Edgecombe (Levine Greenberg) Marilyn Allen (Allen O’Shea) Melissa Flashman (Janklow & Nesbit) Renée Zuckerbrot (Renée Zuckerbrot) Rob McQuilkin (Massie & McQuilkin) Sarah Younger (Nancy Yost) Stephanie Koven (Cullen Stanley) Sylvie Greenberg (Fletcher & Co) Victoria Skurnick (Levine Greenberg) Wendy Levinson (Harvey Klinger) Zoë Pagnamenta (Zoë Pagnamenta Agency)


Melissa Ragsly (A Public Space) Anna Raff (SCBWI) Patrick Ryan (One Story) Lily Herman Wandy Felicita Ortiz Julie Trelstad Gretchen Crary Myla Goldberg Lisa Selin Davis Jenny Klion Nancy Rawlinson Patricia Mulcahey Judy Sternlight Rose Fox (Publishers Weekly) Wilda Williams (Library Journal)

Our Writers

Paragraph is where writers write. It is our core mission to provide a space where creativity can flourish. We are proud of the many works that have gone on to be published, produced, or awarded in many different forms and mediums. Here is a brief list of many of the works conceived, written, or edited in our space, and the varied publications that our writers have written for.