Saturday, June 29

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (with 60 min. lunch break)

$175 ($140 for Paragraph Members)

Paragraph Union Square

Diana Goetsch

Free-Writing Intensive (Part 3: Voice)

Voice (which includes aspects of persona, attitude, tone, and point of view) is essential in all writing, though frequently overlooked or mishandled. Finding the right voice for a particular subject can unlock power and wisdom we didn’t know we had. So can the right shifts, and modulations of voice. When new writers declare they have “found their voice,” they would do well to lose it as quickly as possible—for there are innumerable vocal possibilities inside us, which good writers keep exploring.

This workshop, a day-long session opening the vault to the theory and practice of free-writing, offers practices designed to liberate us from habitual patterns, and alter the “DNA” of how we write. Participants in the Free-Writing Intensive (which was first introduced ten years ago at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival) are often startled by what comes out of their pens. “I was quite taken, moved, and frequently overwhelmed by the experience,” said one writer. “It’s the truest writing I’ve ever done,” said another.

The Free-Writing Intensive is perfect for all genres, and an antidote to “writer’s block,” as we generate a volume of new material over the course of the day. (You need not have participated in Parts 1 or 2 to register for this session.)

Diana Goetsch (www.dianagoetsch.com) has published eight collections of poems and dozens of nonfiction articles. Her work has appeared in leading magazines, newspapers and anthologies including The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Gettysburg Review, The American Scholar, theChicago Tribune, the L.A. Times, Best American Poetry and The Pushcart Prize anthology. She is a renowned teacher of writing, having taught at numerous universities, MFA programs, and conferences. Most recently, she was the Grace Paley Teaching Fellow at The New School.