A quiet place to write.

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At Paragraph you'll find a comfortable desk, all the coffee and tea you can drink, fast wifi, free printing, writing-related events every month (and a few non-writing ones too), and a community of like-minded writers. Both of our locations are open 24/7. Memberships start at $160 per month. Find out more... 

Union Square

35 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011



(opening soon)
84 Withers Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211  




(646) 216-8407


About Us

Paragraph is a co-working space for writers. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Located on 14th Street close to Union Square, Paragraph is a big loft space on the top floor of a three-story building. (We are a walk-up!) In the space you'll find lots of natural light, wood floors, tin ceilings, exposed brick and lovely old New York details. The space is divided into two areas — a writing room and a kitchen/café area.

The writing room has 38 partitioned desks where writers can work in a quiet, focused atmosphere. Desks provide privacy, with sight lines blocked from other writers. The couch and comfortable chairs by our (non-working) fireplace are a great place to take a break — read, take a nap, zone out. In the writing space, you'll also find all sorts of books and journals, because we love books and journals.

The kitchen/café area has a big round table as well as smaller café seating, a coffee maker, refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave, toaster oven and dishwasher. The refrigerator is stocked with all types of milk for coffee and tea and the cabinets are filled with all the dishes and utensils you'll need. You can store your own food in the fridge or the cabinets.  

Our coffee beans and Tazo brand teas are purchased from Porto Rico Importing Co., a family-owned local business. If you need storage, lockers are available to rent. Wired internet connections are available in the café. It's a friendly, low-key place to work.


Joy Parisi, Founder

Lee Bob Black, Office Manager



Amenities for All Memberships

* All the coffee and tea you can drink
* Monthly roundtables with literary agents and editors
* Free printing and faxing
* Fast wifi (and some wired connections too)
* Other writers to talk to when you're going writing crazy
Facebook community board for members
* Passport membership to writing spaces in Chicago and Toronto.


How It Works

      1. Send us your application

      2. Wait a few days

      3. Receive key and access code

      4. Write


Upcoming Events