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Four New Poems: A One-Day Generative Workshop

A day-long immersion in the act of generating poetry, in the presence of a veteran, award-winning poet known for generously sharing her practice. We’ll look at the many ways poems can arrive, and how we can cultivate our receptivity to them. We will learn ways to broaden our range of voice and subject, and how to approach “overwhelming” subjects. For each assignment there will be models, allowing us to put into practice the principle that every great poem is a treatise on how to write a great poem. Our goal (first drafts of four new poems) will be reached, or exceeded, with surprising ease.

Diana Goetsch ( has published eight collections of poems, dozens of nonfiction articles, and is currently at work on a memoir forthcoming from FSG. Her work has appeared in leading magazines, newspapers and anthologies including The New Yorker, Ploughshares, The Gettysburg Review, The American Scholar, The Chicago Tribune, the L.A. Times, Best American Poetry and The Pushcart Prize anthology. She is a renowned teacher of writing, having taught at numerous universities, MFA programs, and conferences. Most recently, she was the Grace Paley Teaching Fellow at The New School.