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COMPASS by Mathias Enard

Winner of the 2016 Prix Goncourt, Enard's deliriously compelling and deeply erudite novel recounts the life of a dying Austrian Orientalist musicologist, stream-of-consciousness style, throughout one feverish night. Like fan fiction for musicologists. You will be constantly googling Eastern-centric writers, historians, artists and books. Academic candy.

BLINDSIGHT by Alan Watts

If you want an extremely fun, I'm-staying-in-all-weekend-because-nothing-beats-this SCI FI novel: BLINDSIGHT by Alan Watts. This is a first contact tale featuring both aliens and vampires but which is absolutely not campy, funny, or for young adults. A darker read, not for the weak of heart, and a Hugo Award finalist.

VOSS by Patrick White

An epic adventure tale featuring Olympian POV, extraordinary emotional exactitude, and some of the best dialogue this reader has ever encountered. Patrick White was the Australian novelist of high modernism, and the winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize in Literature.